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Siberians in the Yukon * ....bred for infront of the sled....*

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About us
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Sarah & Hayden
We are planning on 2 races this year. We would have liked  to do more but with building a new house,
moving and such, we can only commit to running races in the Yukon.
 Road runner    100 miles   Feb28, 2010
 Percy deWolfe Jr. 100 mile March 25, 2010

Long term objective: To have the most sucessful kennel of racing siberian huskys in Canada. We also plan on helping to educate miniors in responsible dog care and training methods.  We are hoping to be able to mentor a minor who is unable to have dogs,  and provide them with a team to race in the AWG in the year 2012! (AWG Arctic Winter Games)

a artical of reviving a cuture of dogs through children

  I have been running and training sleddogs for over 17 years, through the wilderness of all the places that our lives have taken us.I grew up in Ross River, Faro and in the bush. Since a child I have listened to the radio, and read the newspapers and dreamed of running behind a team od sleddogs through the cold, and night that accompanys the Yukon Quest.
 My husband and I met in Dawson City, and lived here for 2 years, before moving to Alberta so he could finnish his apprenticeship in Heavy duty mechanics and so I could expand my education in dog training. I took a course through Canadian Canine Training in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Leanne opened my eyes and thoughts, to a entire new way of traing dogs, she taught me alot of the "new" methods and techniques. It was very interesting, and today I use ALOT of what she taught and what I learned from that time. I did obediance training, kennel managment, grooming and some behaviour modification training, as well as movie dog prepping. 
 I always knew I would not stay south as I was determined to come back to my "happy place" and as soon as Hayden had finnished his training, I started to send his resumes out to the great north (with out him knowing). To his surprise and my relief he got a call from a mine up here. I told him I was not staying in Alberta and I would like him to come along (he wanted to stay in Alberta) and thankfully he choose to move back north as well. We packed our house up left it for sale and empty and was hoping it would sell. (it did)
 4 years ago I started buying siberians (again a surprise to Hayden, they would just show up and he would be surprised yet again. He would ask me what I did that day and I would tell him, went to the airport, or superstore and picked up another dog. He was not too impressed with having 9- 14 dogs and pups down town in Grande Prairie, but he stuck through it :).
 Our first siberian for racing was Garter. I was hoping to end up with a dog I could use for a stud, and he turned out to be exactly that! My next 2 dogs were females  from Deena Wananamakers team. Another suprprise to Hayden.
 Hayden  "what do you want to do this weekend?"
 Me         " I was thinking we could drive to RedDeer and pick up 2 more dogs"
 Hayden  "yah right your joking right?........your serious?"
 me          "yah they are paid for so I guess we should go"
 Hayden ........................."alright"................................
 That trip was slow and a snow storm like we have never seen before, BOTH WAYS!
 I bred Glinda nad Garter and got a great bunch of pups, all but one was a female. We lost the male to a unforunate accident, and I needed more males so we did a repeat breeding and got 1 female and 4 males. Glinda and Garter are an amazing couple, having 2 litters with amazing pups, I know the drive through the storm was well worth it!
 We have accuired 4 more dogs through Chlout siberians and raised another litter. and are now at 18 siberians, with more to come!
 I have high hopes and a strong belief we have an amazing group of dogs to work and mold into a great distance team, I can not wait to see how they do this year in our first season of racing!