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Aurora   $500.00
Date of birth : March 11,2008
sold with breeding rights
Aurora was run last winter all short distances since running pups and young dogs, we kept all the didstances short. She has a hard worker and always kept her tug tight.
 We had a litter before from the same mom and dad and had no males from the litter, we have 2 females from the first breeding and hoped to get males out of the repeat breeding. We were blessed with 4 males and Aurora. We kept the entire litter and now are selling Aurora. She is a sweet hard working female and we are selling her because I am happy with my other 2 females from the previouse litter and the males from this litter. She is a great dog, but a little on the small side of what I want.
 She is up to date on vaccines and has had no health or injurys, never been bred.
 Aurora's mom and dad and siblings can be seen on the main site.

A litter

Name: A - Litter
Sex: 4 males 1 female
Breed: siberian husky
Whelp date: March 11, 2008

Breeder: sarah wesche
Owner: sarah wesche
Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
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